Guidance to clarity and healing
Rev. Natalie Kahn Aguilar

My metaphysical education began in the 1980’s with astrology . I was  fortunate to take classes at the mansion of the  world famed astrologer, Carroll Righter. It was my introduction to the community of psychics and astrologers in Los Angeles.

Through the years I have added to my metaphysical training and sharpened my skills with automatic drawing and writing, psychometry, and channeling. It was under the  guidance of my mentors I began developing my techniques for aura portraits.

In addition, I am also a spiritualist minister, Reiki Master and practitioner, and crystal therapist. Some of  the well-known metaphysicians in Southern California were my guides, teaching me about energy work, hands on healing, the aura, and the chakra centers of the body. I was educated in a metaphysical system of divination, spirit   communication, and travel to other realms that utilizes a healing star as a portal.

One of the most profound trainings I have done is the Melchizedek Method. It is a series of seminars to achieve light body activation, physical healing, and spiritual ascension. It was transformational and increased my receptivity to higher dimensional vibrations. I furthered this receptivity with training in Kunlun Nei Gung, an ancient secret, Taoist method of spiritual awakening. 

I have drawn  from many traditions to further my education. I have learned from Native American teachings, Earth based religion, Buddhism, and Shamanism. 

Through my formal training and experience  I have focused and strengthened my own unique connection to Spirit  and my individual expression of Light  energy. This enables me to use any method I have learned  to achieve energetic healing or to provide spiritual guidance.

I am a facilitator for others by giving them information and assistance intended to shift their perceptions of themselves and their reality.

The hope is once this shift has been made they can create their life more consciously and with clearer intent.

Thank you!

Rev. Natalie Kahn Aguilar

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